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    New iPhone print: Horse Back

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    Prince Harry and John Barrowman both do a mutual high five/ass slap combo omg

    Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass so hard that the guy actually had to rub himself a little while John waves his hand

    Can we just appreciate that John smacked Prince Harry’s royal ass 

    It’s basically illegal not to reblog this.

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    Rafael Mantesso (Brazil) - Jimmy Choo the Bull Terrier

    Rafael Mantesso, editor in chief of Brasilian gastronomy marketing site Marketing na Cozinha. While fine food may rank high on Mantesso’s priority list however, another of his great loves is his adorable Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo, the star of his highly imaginative feed. A talented artist, Mantesso captures his pup against a backdrop of amusing illustrations, accompanied by various props where necessary, to hilarious, heartwarming effect. (src. AnOther© All images courtesy of the artist

    [more Rafael Mantesso | artist recommended by Mumy]

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    Wakey wakey human.. Dog edition 

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    Portrait I drew of the lovely Maggie Smith.

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    Dog two refusing to cross the stream.
    Uintas, Utah
    Sept 2014

  • she is a guest of clan mackenzie

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    The Four Founders of Hogwarts.

    This fucked me up for a good 5 minutes.


    Oh God…


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    The perfect cuddling couch.

    That is not a couch. That is a nest, and I want one.

    My idea of household heaven right here.

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